One Piece 17th Anniversary Week:
Day 5 ↭ Foreshadowing
Ace and Whitebeard’s graves are shown on the cover of Chapter 668. In front of Ace’s grave, we can see three sake cups and a bottle, similar to the ones ASL used for their brotherly vows, hinting that Sabo was alive and had visited Ace’s grave. When Luffy meets Sabo for the first time, over 60 chapters later, we see a close up of the sake cups placed in front of Ace’s grave.




a sweet day!!! (+closeups b/c oh my god my hand hurts)


brook u lil shit


記憶 | マスオ [pixiv] 


S T R A W H A T S | S K Y P I E A

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Bon Clay’s noble sacrifices.


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