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"On that day, young pirates who are now famous all lined up to watch. Or that’s what I heard. The entire world was watching as the Pirate King was executed."

— Silvers Rayleigh, Chapter 506


Grand-Line Pirates Manga by RaetElgnis

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Colour Series: From the Decks of the World 

"Drum Island - The Isshi-100 Medical Centre"

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30 Day One Piece Challenge!
Day 11: Favorite Devil’s Fruit Ability (Zoan Type) ›› The Phoenix
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Some Laws—experimenting with my own color palettes. I keep thinking, “I want to choose dark themes!” But they all turn out bright instead. I’d hate to see what happens if I went with the intention of light colors.

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"Let’s settle this… you and me, mano a mano!"
"Cool with me, but be warned… this will be a fight to the death."

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